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Product Review: Twisted Top

Product Review: Twisted Top

Product Review: Twisted Top by Mirror Mirror Moda

As Mirror Mirror Moda evolves, I love how Patricia of Bolero refines her ideas, improving them with every style. Finding bust-friendly clothing is challenging, regardless of your size. For a company to cover so many body and bra sizes fosters a sense of warmth and inclusivity within the brand. Factor in how everything is made in the USA with the utmost attention to detail, and you have a winning recipe for timeless fashion. After the success of the Cutout Top, I was excited to try another entry into her collection: the Twisted Top!

Image of the Twisted Top on the body, front facing

Size: Medium

My weight loss journey was tedious, painstaking, and slightly weird. I generally lose weight proportionally across my body. However, after dropping a whopping 75 pounds, my body shape changed. My thighs and hips are as thin as they were when I was 15, but my tummy and bust are curvier. It’s like nothing received the memo about where to lose the weight! While my Bolero dresses in size small fit beautifully, I preferred a more relaxed fit across my torso for the tops and requested a size medium. For reference, my current measurements are: 41.5” bust, 31.75” waist, 38.5” hip.

The medium hugs my curves without making me feel like I am stuffed into a sausage casing. The sleeve length hits at the elbow, and the placement of the shoulder tips aligns with my natural shape. There’s ample space in the bust without compressing any tissue, and the open neckline exposes enough chest to be interesting without being too low.

Image of the Twisted Top on the body, front facing behind a general store playground toy

Fit & Feel

Like the Cutout style, the Twisted Top sports a fitted shape to cling to curves and show off your figure. The bust utilizes an overlapping fabric knot to create a flattering sweetheart neckline while cold shoulder cut-outs add a sense of fun.

The shirt is also partially lined, with an extra layer of fabric at the top front and back to conceal your bra as well as to create a smooth profile. Since I have a long torso, I am always concerned about the length of tops. I do want a crop top to wear with these boyfriend jeans I snagged for the steep price of $5, but for a top like this, I prefer a length compatible with any rise I choose.

The Twisted Top hits at the base of my hips, allowing me to wear it tucked or untucked with a variety of bottoms. The fabric has the trademark MMM stretch, but it’s not the traditional silky polyester blend. Instead this feels akin to modal with its skin caressing softness even though it is still 90% polyester. It’s also fairly thick. Even if it wasn’t lined, the top would still conceal seamed bras easily.

Me goofing off in the Twisted Top at the playground

Materials & Price

As with all Mirror Mirror Moda designs, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, fast-drying, and durable. I mentioned before how my Bolero/MMM pieces last and last and last. This is not fast fashion but is rather something you can wear and cherish for years. Because of the longevity, the cost-per-wear becomes dramatically low over time.

Major news outlets published multiple articles in the last few years criticizing the proliferation of fast fashion, ranging from its ecological impact to the very real moral implications of modern day slavery. Personally, I prefer not to support that business model. Clothes like the Twisted Top ensure I can enjoy an ethically produced piece without contributing to the problems plaguing fast fashion.

To that end, the Twisted Top retails for $80, and it is 100% worth it. Finding something which fits my bust-to-waist ratio is difficult enough without factoring in style and quality. I will gladly pay for something which ticks off those boxes!

Image of the Twisted Top on the body, front facing


Since it’s black and white, which occupies about 50% (okay probably more like 70%) of what I like/own, I love this top. When it comes to polka dots, I prefer a bolder print like this than daintier ones. I have broad shoulders and bigger boobs, and this kind of print works better for me. Someday, I’d love to see a hounds tooth (*hint hint*) for the same reason.

The neckline balances openness with coverage, and sweetheart necklines are universally flattering. They contour across the bust to conceal bras while still providing the same openness of a scoop or square neck. Furthermore, the knot in the center adds visual interest without bulk for a little extra fashion flavor.

I have not partaken in the cold shoulder trend until the Twisted Top because I find it contradictory to wear a sweater that exposes one of the few parts of my body which impacts whether I feel cold. However, this is a lightweight top, perfect for spring, summer, and fall, where showing some shoulder makes sense related to the weather. It adds another element of uniqueness by balancing the vintage vibe with modern details.

Finally, because of the fitted, classic shape, the Twisted Top lends itself to being belted for another element of personal style. If you haven’t tried Mirror Mirror Moda yet, you’re missing out, but don’t worry, I’ll keep reviewing their items indefinitely until I eventually wear you down. *evil grin*

Image of the Twisted Top on the body, front facing
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