Review: Mirror Mirror Moda Cutout Top by A Sophisticated Notion

Review: Mirror Mirror Moda Cutout Top by A Sophisticated Notion

In the flurry of bringing Debbie home from the hospital during the 2021 holiday season, I never properly posted about Patricia of Bolero (the Bob Mackie to my Cher) closing her business. Like all of her loyal fans, the thought of no more gorgeous bust-friendly clothing struck a mighty wound to my fashion-loving soul. Fortunately, Patricia could not resist the lure of designing and reopened last year as Mirror Mirror Moda. The MMM relaunch focuses on her best-sellers, creative new designs, and a mix of unique accessories. Today, I am reviewing my first official piece: the MM010 Cutout Top.

Front view of Cutout Top on the body

Size: Medium

Throughout my weight journey, both upward and downward, Bolero remained forgiving of my size and shape changes. When I gained weight, the dresses contoured to my curvier figure, and as the pounds dropped, the stretchy fabric rebounded to my smaller physique. Some pieces require alteration (like my spaceship dress), but many fit well across the fluctuations. No matter how I felt about myself, Bolero accepted me as I was.

Because Patricia only makes quality clothing, I appreciate how you can invest in her work without worrying about what happens if you lose 10 more pounds or experience shape changes. Most are not the kind of pieces which require the exact measurements you had when you purchased them.

Image of Mirror Mirror Moda Cutout Top on the body
I’m feeling a bit French goth today.

Obviously, this depends on the cut of the piece, the fabrics, and what the weight disparity is. I am not implying these are miracle garments which span a 60 pound range, but I feel it worth mentioning because Mirror Mirror Moda offers literal wiggle room if your size changes.

With Cutout Top, I sent Patricia my new measurements (42.5” bust, 33” waist, 39” low hip) and had her determine which size she thought would be best for me. She selected the size Medium. The sensual fabric contours beautifully across my waist while flaring out on the hip to highlight my hourglass shape. The stretchy fabric leaves ample space for a fuller bust and does not pull tightly across my broad shoulders.


The Cutout Top is a fitted, straighter design. Unlike her wrap tops, there isn’t any ruching across the stomach, and the pattern closely follows the figure unlike the Ezy Tunic. As a result, you need confidence to rock this baby because it will show off your body!

Back view of the Cutout Top on the body
The line at the center is my strapless bra which is now too big (*cries*) and sliding a bit.

The front slinks across the stomach and sits smoothly, but you can always practice what I call “strategic ruching” and pluck the fabric to create a slouchy vibe. The fitted midsection tucks into high waist bottoms too. However, if you are struggling with the tummy love, consider a less body-conscious style or size up for added space.

Furthermore, the length of the Cutout Top works for either pants or skirts, and the back features a solid panel of fabric for a sleek look. The length of the arms fit me exactly, and per Patricia’s design motif, she afforded ample space in the bust to prevent constriction or pulling.

Materials & Design

In prior posts, I mentioned how I am a wee bit Goth going back to my preteen days. I own way too much black, white, and gray, but I don’t care. Patricia knows this, so when she sent me the Cutout Top, she lovingly supported my aesthetic. The back and lower tummy are her traditional soft, polyester/spandex blend fabric for a flexible fit, but the real star is the neckline and sleeves.

The neckline is technically a crew neck, but it’s far from basic. The top portion is a work of asymmetrical genius. One side features a solid shoulder cover that transitions into an oval cut-out and totally sheer polka dot fabric. The polka dots trickle down the arm until reaching a thumb loop to keep the sleeve in place.

On the side with the solid shoulder, the sleeve is a thick black and sheer stripe to contrast the polka dots. It’s a design so weird it shouldn’t work. But with Patricia’s keen eye, it truly does. The two prints are both done with a combination of solid and sheer black fabric, allowing the neutrality of the color and classic prints to complement each other without competing. The end result is a goth girl princess shirt I love.

Even though I view the top through the lens of my goth aesthetic, the top has a broadly fierce appeal. I can easily see this working with a killer skirt or sleek black pants and some hot shoes. I’m even envisioning it with a black tulle skirt and sparkly stilettos for cocktail wear.


Considering I have yet to throw away or mend a piece of my Bolero clothing despite some pieces being 8 years old, I think any price she charges is fair. On account of the detail, the construction, and the continued commitment to clothes made in the USA under ethical conditions, the Cutout Top rings in at $80. But remember, this is a show stopping piece. And who can put a price on that?

Pic of me making a heart shape with my hands next to a graffiti heart
Who loves Mirror Mirror Moda? I do! (And so does the graffiti artist!)

Overall Thoughts

My only quibble is that because the design is fitted and exploits a thinner, solid-color fabric, you can see the outlines of the pants/skirts you layer underneath. However, on the flip side, the thinness translates well to tucking in the style. I’d be remiss not to mention it, so keep it in mind if you decide to order.

Personally? When I pulled this from the packing envelope, I fell in love, but I feel that way with so many of Patricia’s designs. I’m glad she couldn’t stay away from helping us busty gals find stylish clothes which fit our curves. If you were a fan of Bolero, be sure to like Mirror Mirror Moda on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all her new projects!

I feel fabulous, dah-ling!
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