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The Mirror Mirror Moda Duster Vest

The Mirror Mirror Moda Duster Vest

Image of me wearing the Bolero Duster Vest

Every fall, my mom plopped my brother and me in front of the enormous book of costume patterns at Joanne Fabrics. We picked out any Halloween costume we wanted, and she painstakingly recreated our choices every night after work. One year I wanted to be one of my favorite characters: Beetlejuice! I rocked the hell out of my striped suit and crazy wig, lemme tell ya. Imagine my delight when Patricia of Mirror Mirror Moda created her fabulous Duster Vest in a bold black and white stripe. Finally, a work appropriate, wearable, and effortlessly cool Beetlejuice homage for me, the monochromatic queen!

Front image of me wearing the Mirror Mirror Moda Duster Vest
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The Duster Vest is one size and available with either long sleeves or sleeveless. While the upper portion rests flat across the back and front, the bottom flares out with an asymmetrical hemline. Excess fabric combines with the hem to create a fluid movement when I walk, like I am perpetually on my own private runway complete with perfect lighting and fans.

The clever design and stretch fabric are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes without impacting fit, and I love the shape of the back. Even though the weather turned colder, I enjoy the sleeveless design because it allows me to customize the look based on what I layer underneath it.

Mirror Mirror Moda always utilizes the best quality fabric, and the Duster Vest is no different. It’s lightweight with the perfect amount of stretch, which contributes to the beautiful flow of the fabric. You can twirl around in this much the same way as the Erica dress.

The Duster Vest is also versatile. I’ve worn mine belted or unbelted with leggings, jeans, and even shorter skirts. The boldness of the black and white pops, and I love how she choose a fabric with a wide stripe. The visual impact is stronger, and it highlights the craftsmanship better than a finer stripe. Every time I wear my vest, I receive compliments because it is so striking and fashion-forward.

However, if black and white is not your personal sweet spot, the Duster Vest is available in solid colors and prints. There are even variations in different fabrics like lace if you want something fancier or with a textural component.

Front image of me wearing the Mirror Mirror Moda Duster Vest

With prices ranging from $60 to $80 depending on the design, the Mirror Mirror Moda Duster Vest is also an affordable piece from a Made in America, minority-owned brand. I mention this on all of my reviews, but you cannot top the quality. The pieces last and last and last, and I know I’ll be wearing my Duster Vest for years to come!

As if all that wasn’t reason enough to rush out and buy one for yourself (and anyone else on your holiday list), now through the end of the year Mirror Mirror Moda has a 20% off side wide promotion running. Simply enter BYE23 at checkout. This is the perfect opportunity to try a few of her designs and save a little money too.

P.S. Beetlejuice isn’t the only Tim Burton character with a penchant for stripes that I love. Who amongst us doesn’t sing about their existential dread in cemeteries at night?

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